English Corner (Honest Family)

Once there was a slum house. There lived a family, that’s father, mother, Rika and Toono. They work as a scavengers. One day while they were working, they found a bag. It contained necklace, a kind of stone ring with was very precious and also a gold bracelet.
They didn’t know who was the owner. Then , their father said “ We better found who was the owner all these things. “ So, their mother angreed. Rika and Toona also angreed with that.
Afterward they tried their best to find where all the things were. A week later…, there was a rich family come to their house. They come to take back all the precius things. Then father gave all of them back to the rich family.
Finaly, they gave them the present to the honest family as. Their kind and honest persons. There were a house and an amount of money that was Rp. 5.000.000,00.
Anyway, our father the rich family told them that all the things were owned by their mother who had just passed away because of accident, so father obey to receive t heir present.
Then, the poor families have been properly human life. Father become an office employee, the mother opened restaurant, Rika and Toono to attend school.
Finaly, from this story we can be learned that’s “ To always be honest, we can be happy and not miserable “

By : Sabina Laetitia (5D)

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